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Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shirt Tail Hemmed vs. Afghanistan Rug

I am contemplating my next project, which will be from the book Sweaters From Camp. I have the yarn for the Afghanistan Rug Jacket (very top, in browns) and the Shirt Tail hemmed sweater (above, in reds/blues). Since I spent so much time just getting these photos to load (Dial-up at 24k = painful) - I've kinda forgotten what I was going to say. I feel I will never escape toddler status with this blog...

I have done color work in the past, but these two projects present new challanges, specifically, short rowing while in pattern and knitting from side to side instead of bottom to neck. I am leaning towards the Afghan at this point.

Tonight I'm in the mood for rug hooking, so that is where I'm headed!


Blogger AnneB said...

Beautiful colors for either project. I was intrigued by the construction method for the Afghanistan Rug sweater as it was very different from the others. No way could you go wrong with either choice.

9:41 AM


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