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Friday, February 17, 2006

Rug Jacket it is.

The Sweaters from Camp (SFC) Knit along has officially started. After reading through both patterns today I have decided to attempt the Afghanistan rug jacket. I was having some concerns about the sizes of the finished sweaters. The shirt-tailed Hemmed has a chest measurement of 48”. Rug Jacket is 46”. Since I have started losing weight, I don't want to end up with something too big for me. I toyed with the idea of doing a vest, but the thoughts of bringing one more skein of yarn into the house is conjuring up images of the short film shown with Ice Age, where Scat the squirrel forces one more nut into his cache, only to start a whirlpool of events that left him, well, nutless.

So, I spent a bit of time reading and rereading the pattern last night. It is quite easy to understand the idea of knitting the sweater side to side rather than bottom to top. In fact the sweater is knit with a provisional cast-on from body center to cuff, then body center to cuff on the other side. To complicate it, it is knit in a tube, with steeks at the neck, and lower body and now I've already forgotten what happens along the length of the sleeve. I'm sure once I start knitting the geometry will become quite obvious, but for now I am having a hard time visualizing the 90 degree skew. It frustrates me even more, because before I became a SAHM I was a draftsman. My job was to visual 3d objects into 2d space and vice-versa. The moment my first child was born, some part of my brain shut down, and this is the result. The good thing is that a new part opened up and I now know exactly which set any given piece of lego goes to. Should come in handy should I need to return to the workforce.

Goal for this weekend is to winds balls and swatch. Should have a photo to post once that is done.

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

OLD FOs - Birdsfoot

Continuing with showing some old FO’s this is the Birdsfoot Scarf from Virtual Yarns. The yarn is 2 ply Hebridean in Pebble Beach. This yarn was a joy to work with, soft and the color was so unusual. Overall a grey, but with subtle flecks of so many other colors…I gave this scarf to my cousin (who is a bird lover and falconer) as a Christmas gift in 2004. I have 2 other scarf kits stashed from VY, which I purchased way back when the exchange rate (US to UK) was a bit more favorable.

I would love to try their 3-ply on a sweater someday. One of my favorites is
Sundew. It reminded me of the sundew in our yard so I wrote to Alice at VY, to comment on how well she had captured the color of this carnivorous plant. I received a nice reply from her in which her love of nature was apparent. If you have an opportunity to read the stories behind the colors of the yarns on the website, it time well spent. VY’s yarn colors were formulated based on objects in nature, instead of the opposite (dye the product then come up with a name for it).

Saturday, January 14, 2006

Shirt Tail Hemmed vs. Afghanistan Rug

I am contemplating my next project, which will be from the book Sweaters From Camp. I have the yarn for the Afghanistan Rug Jacket (very top, in browns) and the Shirt Tail hemmed sweater (above, in reds/blues). Since I spent so much time just getting these photos to load (Dial-up at 24k = painful) - I've kinda forgotten what I was going to say. I feel I will never escape toddler status with this blog...

I have done color work in the past, but these two projects present new challanges, specifically, short rowing while in pattern and knitting from side to side instead of bottom to neck. I am leaning towards the Afghan at this point.

Tonight I'm in the mood for rug hooking, so that is where I'm headed!

Friday, January 06, 2006

OLD FOs - Mitered Square Tote

Okay, now I've got my first photo up. Chosen at random it is the Mitered Square Tote from Black Water Abbey Yarns, which I completed in 2005. This was purchased as a kit, which included the yarn and pattern. Although the sample tote was done in a great color scheme, I chose my own colors-Iris, Gentian, Bluestack and Navy. This yarn has an incredible color selection. I enjoyed being able to pick four colors to play with. I also got to try mitered squares for the first time...very nice tv knitting. I liked it enough to cast on for the Rambing Rows afghan by Cottage Creations. I'll post more on that later.

So, happy birthday to my new blog....2006 will see me doing new things, blogging, skiing (ahem at 44), and hopefully getting an online business up and running!!